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  Tuesday, 6th of October, 2009

3/4Mo Swimming - Term 4, 2009

Class 3/4Mo will be having swimming lessons at the following times;

Wednesday 12:00-12:30

Friday 12:00 - 1:00 (second swim)

We are in need of parent helpers at both these times, if you are available to assist please let us know.

(We are aware that some students will miss out on the second swim due to Friday afternoon sport, we apologise but this cannot be helped).

Written by Vicky



Monday, 5th of October, 2009

Welcome to Term 4!

A warm welcome back to the students of Year 3/4Mo! I trust everyone had a well deserved break and did cool and fun things while they were away from school. As you may have noticed this term we are starting a brand new unit called 'The Magic of Myths', currently assessment task sheets are available to download under the 'Magic of Myths' page. I must stress that these assessment tasks will be completed during school time, so students will not have to take any of their work home. The website is currently up-to-date and I would like to notify you of the following:

New website address

All parents should have recieved a little note attached to their child's homework today informing them of the new web address. For you and your child's convenience you can now access the website by typing in the other web address can still be used to access the site but the new website is an easier website to type and remember.


This weeks homework has been updated onto the website and can be downloaded by following the appropriate links. For this week only the homework is due on Friday. Starting from next week the homework will be due every second week. If your child has lost their homework sheet feel free to download and print off a new one.



Your child will be performing at parade on the 16th of October, 2009, all parents and grandparents are warmly welcome to attend.



Due to the unavailability of the Surf Life Saving team who was originally going to conduct a surfing lesson, the excursion down to the coast has been cancelled. Furthermore their will be no excursions for Term 4, I know the students were really looking forward to going to the coast but the dates we requested cannot be fufilled. 


Mr Fernando

As everyone is aware, Mr Fernando has joined Year 3/4Mo in Term 4 and will be co-teaching with Mrs Montgomery during the month of October. He is looking forward to the end of his degree and the challenges faced ahead.


If you have any questions or queries regarding the aforementioned topics or if you would like to provide feedback or suggestions regarding this website feel free to email Mr Fernando at

Thanks for visiting the website and we hope Term 4 will be successful for Year 3/4Mo

Written by Mr Fernando


   Thursday, 10th of September, 2009


Image Hosted by

 That's right parent's and students, Year 3/4Mo learnt today that Mr Fernando will make a return as part of his Internship service at Moorooka State School. This means that at the begining of Term 4 Mr Fernando will become an associate teacher as he works in a partnership with Mrs Montgomery for 4 weeks. That is one of the reasons why I created the website because I knew I was always going to be here longer than a month. There are big plans for next term as their is an exciting unit students will learn and discover!!  ..... let's just say that the sky is the limit! Thank-you for your support and I am looking forward to teaching in Term 4! :)

Written by Mr Fernando



Tuesday, 8th of September, 2009

Download links

 I have noticed that my download links especially in the Famous Australians section have continued to be invalid or not work, please bear with us as we experiment with various file hosting websites for safe and easy access to download files. It's a bit tricky because I am trying to see if the hosting websites are available to use on Education Queensland's computer systems so students have the opportunity to download sheets at school. Keep an eye out in the news section once we rectify the situation.

Written by Mr Fernando



Friday, 4th of September, 2009

First of all welcome to Year 3/4Mo's personal website which will be run by both Mr Fernando and Mrs Montgomery, hopefully this website will be implemented for the rest of the year and years to come! I am hoping to get this site linked with Moorooka State School's website for easy access just in case parents forget the web address. Please add this website to your favourites as soon possible!

This week we started our unit on Famous Australians, I would like to thank all the parents who allowed their children to bring in magazines for us to search for 'famous people' as part of an activity. I have given Year 3/4Mo an assignment which is due next Friday, 11th of September, 2009. The reason for it being so soon is because I am finishing my teaching next week and part of my role is to implement one piece of major assessment for the students in my class. More information about the assignment can be viewed in the Famous Australians section of this website!

Students will be given plenty of time in the cyber centre next week as well as planning for this assignment, it is strongly recommended that students research their chosen Famous Australian at home so they can write up their biography at school.  Due to this new assignment being given to the students the due date for the brochure assignment will be extended to a later date.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Mr Fernando on

Thank-you for visiting our new website!

Written by Mr Fernando